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Sometimes your silence can be more deadly than your words.

-Serj Tankian, 1999

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 Serj on canvas

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PostSubject: Serj on canvas   Tue May 12, 2009 5:16 am

I was bored and started to make a painting of Serj. I'm actually impressed, I wouldn't belief I can do such a thing.

That's the pic I use to draw from:

and these are the pics I made while painting:

Mmh, I'm still not sure if those eyebrows are okay that way, but I decided to finish the rest of the apinting and put that to the thing that come at last.
I made his face a bit thinner and dressed him in that nice jacket he wears on that pic. Just putting black on the canvas, pretty relaxing after all Razz

That's all folks!
Thanks to Lady_Dolmayan_90 for my cool avatar! I'm always too lazy for those stuff.

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Serj on canvas
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