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 Serj Tankian Gets Social and Political (Again)

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PostSubject: Serj Tankian Gets Social and Political (Again)   Wed Mar 12, 2008 1:58 am

by Paul Cashmere - March 5 2008
photo by Ros O'Gorman

Serj Tankian has launched two websites dealing with political and social issues.

The two sites are and Electthedead is the political site, concentrating on elimination of the Electoral College, caps on corporate contributions to candidates, tax reform, instant runoff voting during elections, and the abolishment of Washington D.C.'s "K Street" lobbying firms.

The site shares the name of Tankian's recently released solo album. is an environmental site, linking to organizations such as Greenpeace and Sierra Club.

"The process is tilted toward moneyed interests in this democracy. It's time to change that. No matter whom we choose to vote for, the reform of the current system, whether it's regarding the influence of corporate lobbyists or campaign finance reform, is long overdue. This is our democracy, and we need to take a hold of it, revolutionize it, and bring it back to what it was intended to be by the founding fathers," says Tankian in a statement.

Serj Tankian will be a part of the Body of War show next week at SXSW with Tom Morello and Kimya Dawson. He will perform a solo show at SXSW.

Credit to Tentative (

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Serj Tankian Gets Social and Political (Again)
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